2022 Rules of the Road

In hopes of reducing the nationwide number of traffic stops that escalate into confrontations and to better prepare drivers for what to expect during a traffic stop, the Illinois General Assembly has expanded the content that must be included in driver training instruction. Additions to the driver education content includes: "...instruction in the safe operation of cars and rules of the road, the laws of this State relating to motor vehicles, and law enforcement procedures during traffic stops, including appropriate interactions with law enforcement officers..." and "...instructions on law enforcement procedures during traffic stops, including actions that a motorist should take during a traffic stop and appropriate interactions with law enforcement officers."

The Illinois Secretary of State "2022 Rules of the Road" can be accessed here (link) in PDF format. Chapter 4 highlights some of the new teaching and is worth a review for all drivers. Many of the concepts presented can be applied to any law enforcement contact.

These teachings are part of a nationwide movement within the law enforcement community to educate the public to the unnecessary escalation of many police interactions. The National Police Association has recently introduced their "Comply Now, Complain Later" PSA (link), with the same goal in mind.

We are here with you and for you; to provide the most professional police services possible; to provide for the health, safety and welfare of our residents, guests and businesses; to protect property and the environment, maintain order and restore peace where necessary; to engage our community in partnership and cooperation; and to preserve and increase the quality of life in our Village. Please consider taking a few minutes to review the aforementioned materials.

Rules of the Road 2022 Cover Photo