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Home Occupation Registration

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  2. Home Occupation Procedure
    • Completed application must be received 30 DAYS PRIOR to the anticipated opening date or due date for renewal. • Proof of County Health Department inspection, if applicable. • Development Department will check if zoning is appropriate for proposed home occupation. • No Home Occupation shall operate until approval of Village license is received. Any Home Occupation in operation without a license will be closed until proper license is obtained. • All licenses shall be renewed annually. • Please note that there are specifications that must be followed for all Home Occupations in regards to signs. The Building Department will be able to answer any questions regarding signs, both temporary and permanent. • Per Ordinance No. 1420: Failure to provide a complete written application prior to renewal shall result in a penalty of $10 per day - first five days; $20 per day - second five days; $30 per day - third five days. After 15 days noncompliance will result in loss of license. • Please review Ordinance 156.029 for specifications regarding Home Occupations.
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  16. Terms and Fees
    All registrations shall be for a full year and term of each registration shall commence on date of issue and expire the following year. A written application is required for each renewal.
  17. (Per Ordinance No. 1420) ***Failure to provide a complete application prior to renewal shall result in a penalty of $10 per day-first five days; $20 per day-second five days; $30 per day-third five days. After 15 days noncompliance will result in loss of registration.
  18. I do hereby certify that the requirements of the State of Illinois, Counties of Will or Grundy, and Village of Channahon have been met and will be maintained throughout the duration of the registration, and that the statements herein are correct and true to the best of my ability.
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