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Use of Village Hall Board Room Application

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  2. Use of Village Hall Board Room Application
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    The Village of Channahon will make every attempt to set-up the Board Room per your request, but cannot guarantee due to staffing and meeting schedules.

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  7. Village of Channahon Board Room Reservation Policy

    The Village of Channahon Board Room is available for meeting and functions associated with the Village of Channahon, local government entities, and groups dedicated to the civic, cultural, educational and informational needs of the community. Please read the following policy before applying for use of the Board Room.


    The Board Room has a capacity of 45 persons. Chairs, tables and a podium are available for use. Audio, visual and projection equipment must be supplied by the group utilizing the space. Public restrooms are located in the hallway adjacent to the Board Room.


    Meetings are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis on the following priorities:

    1. Village of Channahon meetings.
    2. Meetings of Official Agencies, Elected Officials, Committees, and Boards of governmental agencies located in or that represent the Village of Channahon.
    3. Official Village of Channahon Homeowner's Association business meetings.
    4. Educational, cultural, civic, and information events of organizations located in or that serve the Village of Channahon community.

    Groups using the Board Room are subject to the following rules, regulations and policies. Failure to comply may result in the organization's future use of the facility being denied.

    1. The Board Room is not available for the following purposes:
      1. Private parties or purely social gatherings.
      2. Commercial Use.
      3. Fundraising activities.
      4. Individual political candidates or partisan political activities.
      5. Club meetings or installation ceremonies that have secret rituals.
      6. Meetings that interfere with the functions of the Village of Channahon and/or its users because of noise or other factors.
      7. Classes or demonstrations involving hazardous materials and/or weapons.
    2. The name, address, telephone number or web address of the Village of Channahon may not be used as the headquarters for any group using the Board Room nor can the Village's phone number be advertised for registration purposes. Calls regarding meetings or during the time of the approved use cannot be directed to the Village of Channahon. The Village reserves the right to cancel the approved use of any group employing this practice.
    3. The Village does not supply space for groups needing a place to store their supplies or equipment.
    4. Village employees are not available for porter service, custodial assistance, operation of equipment, attendance taking, the arrangement of exhibits, and/or other forms of assistance with the exception of unlocking and locking the facility.
    5. Village facilities are non-smoking.
    6. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted. Furthermore, persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be allowed on the premises.
    7. Attendance at meetings must be limited to the stated capacity of the room.
    8. Use of the Board Room does not constitute Village sponsorship or endorsement of viewpoints expressed by participants in the meeting or function. No advertisement or announcement stating or implying such an endorsement or sponsorship will be permitted.
    9. Groups using the Board Room must provide a certificate of insurance specifying the exact time(s) and date(s) the room will be used and list the Village of Channahon as an additional insured. The certificate should reflect the following limits of insurance:
      1. Limits of liability: $1,000,000-General Liability Aggregate; $1,000,000-Products Completed Operations Aggregate; $1,000,000-Per Occurrence; $1,000,000-Personal & Advertising Injury; $100,000-Premises Damage; and $10,000-Medical Payments.
      2. Workers Compensation: $100,000 per person/accident; $500,000 Policy Limit; and $100,000 per person/disease.
      3. Auto Liability: $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit.
    10. Adult sponsors/chaperones, who shall be held responsible for compliance with the policy, must attend meetings where individuals under the age of 18 will be present. One (1) adult for every five (5) persons under the age of 18 is required. These adult sponsors/chaperones also assume responsibility for the group and its activities.
    11. No physical changes are allowed in the Board Room except for the arrangement of furniture. Furniture must be returned to the original arrangement at the conclusion of the meeting or function.
    12. No additional furniture or equipment other than that already available in the Board Room will be provided.
    13. No additional furniture or equipment, other than audio/visual aids, may be used without prior approval of the Village Administrator or his/her designee.
    14. Nails, tacks, tape, etc. and the hanging, tacking and/or posting of flyers, signs, and/or posters on the walls, doors, shades or windows are prohibited. 
    15. All activities taking place on Village property may not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, nation origin, handicap, or sexual preference. Groups using the Board Room must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and it is the responsibility of the group to provide any and all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    16. Children must be supervised at all times and no user may use the Board Room solely for babysitting purposes.
    17. All signs must comply with Village ordinance. Indoor directional signage must be approved by the Village Administrator or his/her designee. Please provide copies of proposed signs with the completed application.
    18. Animals are not allowed except for dogs assisting the disabled.
    19. No admission charge, collections (except for regular club dues to cover expenses for materials used at meetings) or other money raising activities may occur at meeting conducted in the Board Room.
    20. Organizations/groups using the Board Room are prohibited from using other areas of the Village building except as otherwise specified and approved.
    21. The Board Room must be left clean and in good condition.
    22. Each organization/group using the Board Room is responsible for reimbursing the Village for any and all damage done or presumed to have been done to Village owned furniture, equipment and/or the facility.
    23. The Village Administrator or his/her designee is the person empowered to make decisions regarding the availability, use, and approval of applications to use the Board Room. Requests for exceptions to the above rules, regulations and policies must be submitted in writing to the Village Administrator or his/her designee.
  11. NOTE: Failure to comply with any of the listed requirements will result in denial of future requests to use the Board Room.

    The Board Room is available for reservations Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.

    1. Reservations are required for Board Room use.
    2. Organizations/groups wishing to reserve the Board Room must complete the required application.
    3. Applications are accepted up to 6 months in advance of the desired date(s).
    4. Reservation times must reflect the organization's/group's setup and cleanup time.
    5. Application does not guarantee approval of request.
    6. Once a complete application has been submitted, the Village will approve or deny the application. Notification of approval or denial will be provided within five (5) business days. If approved, the reservation is considered temporary until a certificate of insurance is received.
    7. The reservation and certificate of insurance are due no later than ten (10) days prior to the meeting.
    8. Reservations must be applied for by a member of the interested organization/group who is 18 years of age or older. This individual will be the only person authorized to make changes to the reservation and will also serve as the primary contact for the Village.
    9. Organizations/groups must vacate the room by the time specified in the application. 
    10. Approved users may not assign their reservation to another organization/group.
    11. Approved users who wish to cancel their reservation must notify the Village Administrator or his/her designee as soon as possible. Cancellation notices shall be in writing and may not be rescinded later.
    12. Telephone cancellations will be accepted in case of last-minute emergencies. If a reservation is not used and a cancellation notice is not given, Future use of the Board Room may be suspended.
    13. The Village reserves the right to preempt or cancel reservations if an emergency arises. If this occurs, reasonable effort will be made to promptly contact the group and reschedule the reservation.
  13. By completing this application, the applicant agrees that they have read and will abide by the Village of Channahon Board Room Reservation Policy (a copy of which is attached) and to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Village of Channahon from and against any and all personal injuries and/or loss of personal property sustained by the applicant’s attendees arising out of the facility use applied for under the Village of Channahon Board Room Policy.

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