Ongoing Construction & Projects

Learn more about ongoing construction and projects below.

  1. Crackfill & Fog Seal Projects
  2. Manhole Rehabilitation Project
  3. Road Closure Notices
  4. road maintenance projects
  5. Storm Sewer & Grading Project
  6. Spray Patch Projects

Crack filling is a process of using compressed air to remove debris from pavement cracks, then filling and covering them with rubberized material. The purpose of crack filling is to prevent water from washing out pavement aggregates and accessing the road base.

Fog sealing is a process of seal coating an asphalt surface to protect it from the adverse effects of weather and slow the aging process. 

Working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Village would appreciate patience if work takes place in your area. Please contact Gabriel Zavala, Engineering Technician, with further questions at 815-467-6644.

Work is expected to take place starting the week of July 18-July 29. To view a map of 2022 crack fill and fog seal locations, please click here (link).