The Village of Channahon is part of the Will County Enhanced 911 Emergency Telephone System. Every telephone in the Village is programmed into the 911 computer so that when a call comes into the dispatch center, the address of the telephone appears on the screen. If the caller is unable to speak or does not know the location from where he or she is calling, the dispatcher can still send emergency personnel to the scene. Please be sure to make your house address numbers clearly visible from the road.

Accurate 911 Information

If you are a new resident or have a new phone line installed, you are encouraged to test the enhanced 911 phone system by calling 815-467-2112 and informing the dispatcher that you will be testing 911 from your phone. You can then test the system when prompted. If 815-467-2112 is not called before testing, the dispatcher must, by policy, dispatch a police officer to your location. During this test, your name and address will be checked for accuracy.

At this time, cell phones and voice over Internet Protocol (IP) devices do not provide the dispatch center with name, address or location. Only landline phones should be tested.