Channahon Incident Notification Network (INN)

The Channahon Incident Notification Network (INN) was established to formalize the process in which the Village and public are notified of industrial incidents that have the potential for an off-site impact. Through this process, all parties have agreed that an off-site incident is any incident that has the potential for off-site impacts. Examples include odor, flaring, noise and any other component of the industrial process that may cause a health concern to the general public.

Identifying the Public

Once it is identified that an incident may have the potential for a significant off-site impact, the Village of Channahon will notify the public through the following means:

  • A message with instructions will be placed on the Village’s INN Hotline at 815-467-8388. This allows the public to phone INN to obtain immediate information on an incident. In addition, this makes the general public an important part of the overall process. As an example, there may be no information on the INN line. This would be a trigger for the public to contact emergency response authorities. The emergency contact information will be available on the INN hotline.
  • An INN alert, with instructions for the public, will be sent to the local radio stations. An alert with instructions will also be posted on our website and transmitted on the Village’s Cable Access Television Station Channel 6.

Questions regarding the Phone INN Program can be directed to the Village Administrator’s Office at 815-467-6644 or the Police Department at 815-467-5152.