Message from the Mayor

Message from Mayor Missey Moorman Schumacher - May 2022

The month of May always seems to bring much change in our area: the swift change of the seasons, warmer weather, longer days and a fresh crop of young, talented graduates - our future.

There is so much emphasis placed on what's "next" in life, especially with graduation - 8th grade graduates move onto high school, high school graduates move onto college, vocational schools or jobs, college graduates move onto careers, etc. While it is, of course, important to look to the future, I also want to implore this year's round of graduates to take this time, this gray area of what's "next," to fully immerse themselves in the present.

You hear parents or other adults so often wistfully say to teens, "I remember when I was your age!" or "To only be young and carefree again." I heard it said as a teen, but I didn't understand it. Why would an adult want to go back to this gray area of life?

It's because those gray areas in life hold boundless opportunities for the future. The opportunity to try different things, to have new experiences, to fail and try something again or something new. The ability to test all different sorts of paths and to choose another one if it turns out not to be right for you. To learn, to grow, to innovate, to question the status quo, to do good for others, to keep moving. You don't have to have it all figured out right now; this is the time for testing the waters of who you want to be. Life's gray areas are where the magic happens and where you will discover yourself.

My hope for all of you is to absorb this gray area of life right now, to sit in it and enjoy it. If you're too busy focusing on what's "next," you'll miss the opportunities right in front of you at this very moment. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022. May you soak up all of life's gray areas and find your passions.

Best wishes,

Mayor Missey Moorman-Schumacher

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