Message from the Mayor

Message from Mayor Missey Moorman Schumacher - July 2021

We're working on it.

Very often we hear questions about what the Village is doing to address a need or an issue. Many times, a solution is neither immediate nor readily visible. That doesn't mean we're not working on it. Frequently, the solution to a problem includes multiple jurisdictions, complicated funding, and cooperation between numerous entities. The answer is not as simple as "we need this." That doesn't mean we're not working on it. A couple of good examples have recently presented themselves and I'd like to share them with you.

The Bridge Street Multi-Use Path is one such long term project. A multimillion dollar project linking our far west reaches with already established paths more centrally located within the Village of Channahon, including the I&M Canal trail, the Bridge Street Multi-Use Path has been several years in the making. This path, when complete, will allow for more safe travel to destinations including Minooka High School South Campus. From seeking out funding grants since 2013, to engineering, to right-of-way easements, to Army Corp of Engineers approval, to construction, this path has been at least 9 years in the making and $3.46 million dollars in secured grants funds.

Another recent example is the additional spillway being added to the dam in Channahon State Park. The Village of Channahon first commissioned a study in 2009 to look at potential ways to alleviate or mitigate seasonal flooding along the DuPage River. Adding a spillway to the existing dam in the Channahon State Park was projected to be the most effective possibility. We've spent several years working with IDNR to bring this project to fruition. Even after getting IDNR to approve the project, securing State funding was a hurdle. We continued to work on it. While this project made it to the State's list of projects annually, the necessary money to complete the project wasn't allocated. Finally, just a few weeks ago, we learned that funding was available and IDNR began the project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

These are just two examples of long term projects we've worked on recently. I know it isn't always easy to see visible progress. I know projects and solutions often take considerable time, and effort, and patience. I know we'd all like the gears to move more quickly when we want something done. We're working on it.